The Yoga Experience Teachers: Christine Mares

Christine Mares is the only certified Yamuna Body Rolling® (YBR) practitioner in Flagstaff. Most people have never heard of YBR, but it has been around for over 30 years and was developed by Yamuna Zake.

Christine is an active, 42-year-old mother of three boys. YBR eliminated her chronic low-back pain, healed a soft tissue ribcage injury from a mountain bike crash, and helped her feel 15 years younger. She loves that she is able to maintain a higher level of intensity with workouts because YBR allows complete restoration and recovery from head to toe.

So what is YBR?

YBR, a revolutionary approach to health and fitness, consists of a series of routines using various size and density balls. Going far beyond random foam rolling and stretching, the YBR routines follow specific sequences that match the body’s own logic and order. Beginning at the origin of the muscle, where the tendon attaches at bone, we roll toward where the muscle ends, at the insertion at a bone. Traction is applied that frees connective tissue, re-educates muscles to fully release, decodes negative holding patterns, prevents injury, and heals many structural body problems. The result is a body that moves and feels better, functioning at its optimum level within its capacity to do so. Done regularly, YBR creates long-lasting positive changes in your body. YBR is for all ages (18+) and fitness levels.

YBR can improve movement, awareness, and performance for all physical activities.