The Yoga Experience Teachers: Chris Latham

Chris has been practicing yoga in Arizona since 1994 and completed his 200 hour teacher training in Flagstaff in 2015. From that time forward he has dedicated himself to daily practice and sharing of Ashtanga yoga. His primary teachers since then have been Sharath and Saraswathi Jois of Mysore, India, as well as level 2 authorized Ashtanga teacher Lisa Schrempp, as her student and mysore assistant. Chris has also traveled around the world practicing under more than a dozen other authorized and certified Ashtanga teachers including Eddie Stern, Tim Miller and Tim Feldman. Chris believes that Ashtanga yoga is accessible to bodies of all ages, sizes and abilities, and loves to teach those that are new to yoga and to Ashtanga. Chris's intention is to convey his passion for Ashtanga yoga to his students in compassionate way and to inspire devotion within them to maintain a daily practice so that they may realize the many benefits that this practice has brought him and so many others over the years. "You take practice. Practice, practice, practice" Sri K Pattabhi Jois