The Yoga Experience Teachers: Joni Haug

In 1973, yoga was not a well-known practice in the West; yet, Joni took her first class then and has spent over 40 years in a whole-hearted and devoted pursuit of understanding the disciplines of yoga, meditation, and spiritual practice. She has completed thousands of hours of teacher training and practice over the years with numerous teachers in several traditions of tantric householder yoga.

She delights in teaching and sharing with her students this profound wisdom on how to live a healthy, joyful, creative, and inspired life — on the mat and off.

Joni holds master’s degrees in psychology (health psychology emphasis) and natural medicine. A certified massage therapist since 1980, she works as a holistic therapist and healer in private practice.

When not on the mat or at work she will be found enjoying a full and busy family life with husband, children and dogs: hiking, biking, reading, baking gluten-free treats, and traveling to beautiful places on planet earth.