The Yoga Experience Teachers: Laura Fallon

Laura Fallon began her yoga practice as a way to manage what was happening to her body. From years of long distance biking, running, and dancing, she was hurting. She had also been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and was having difficulty getting it under control without medication. Yoga was a way for her to be able to continue doing what she loved and, although she didn't understand how much it would change her life, she was willing to do the work. She hasn't looked back since.

Laura has spent the last 13 years being a diligent student. Practicing a range of yoga styles — Anusara, Ashtanga, Iyengar, and Bikram — she continually extends her idea of the world and what is possible. Laura trained with Noah Maze in the style of Anusara and is a Certified Bikram instructor. To her, yoga is life, translating what we practice and learn on the mat to our lives off the mat.

Coming from an athletic background, Laura understands that yoga doesn't come easily to everyone. It didn't to her. She uses her life experiences and perspective to help individuals find their full potential in all aspects of their life by creating a safe, fun, and informative environment that people can explore and challenge themselves in.

Laura has called Flagstaff home for 7 years. When not in the yoga room, she can be found running the Colorado River in Grand Canyon or hiking with family, friends, and her faithful companion Lucky.