The Yoga Experience Teachers: Sabrina Carlson

Sabrina is an outdoor adventurer, mama, dog lover, certified Montessori teacher, and lifelong learner. As a highly motivated overachiever, she started her yoga practice to improve her other athletic endeavors and give her a competitive advantage. It didn’t take long for yoga to become one more thing to set goals around and try to “win” at. But over time, the teachings of yoga have helped her to let go of attachments to the end result and focus on finding joy in the adventure of the journey. She is learning every day to take this lesson off the mat and give herself permission to relish the magic in every moment.

Her teaching is a pairing of solid alignment principles and fun, creative, Vinyasa flow infused with her signature playful, lighthearted, and nerdy sense of humor. She is passionate about deconstructing and demystifying yoga practice for the raw beginner and the seasoned veteran alike. She is committed to helping her students practice yoga safely with clear, guided instruction.