RACE, YOGA, HEALERS, AND SOCIAL JUSTICE Workshop w/ Jennie Pearl October 28th-29th

A Weekend Exploration of How We are Showing Up

Dates: October 28th-29th
Saturday: 12:30-6:30PM
Sunday: 12:30-6:30PM
(Includes break for up to an hour each day)

Cost: $125. Member discounts apply.

Are you interested in exploring how social justice and racial justice can be a bigger part of your life? How can this work be woven into our spiritual/healing spaces? Are you curious to learn more about your role as a teacher, therapist, practitioner, or activist? How can our yoga practice help us to “wake up”? How can practice sustain us on the path of racial/social justice work?

During this workshop we will:
– Engage in experiential exercises around multi-cultural connection in dyads, small group, and large group formats.
– Practice simple, accessible yoga (breath-work, therapeutic asana, and mindful meditation) as support for our facilitated discussion and exercises.
– Create an environment where we can be courageous as we explore complex concepts such as racism, cultural appropriation, white privilege, and spiritual bypassing.
– Practice applying communication skills that help us to stay in the room and connect in the midst of difficult conversations.
– Explore how yoga practice can empower us to show up with integrity and grace in difficult life experiences.

This workshop is for healers, therapists, yoga practitioners, teachers, and activists. Beginners to social justice work are encouraged to enroll.

About Jennie Pearl:
Jennie Pearl is a white female yoga teacher, massage therapist, community organizer, and facilitator who believes that spiritual practice and social justice can essentially be one and the same. Having previously lived in Flagstaff for over a decade, she is looking forward to returning to the sweet mountain town for this RACE, YOGA, HEALERS, AND SOCIAL JUSTICE: A Weekend Exploration of How We are Showing Up. This workshop is a response to the huge amount of interest Jennie witnessed in Flagstaff when she facilitated the Community Conversation event back in August. She hopes to encourage positive growth and equity in the hearts of the community she loves so dearly. Jennie currently lives in Oakland, CA where she facilitates a community group called WAKE UP. Over the last year and a half in this group, they have been particularly interested in the ways that yoga and meditation can help them wake up, unlearn their racism, and unpack their privilege, without bypassing or diminishing racial justice work. Jennie is actively learning from change-makers, leaders, mentors, and innovative thinkers in the Bay Area. She is in the midst of a 2 year-long Mindfulness Certification Program for Diversity Facilitation with Lee Mun Wah and Rainbow Markell and is grateful for all she continues to learn from her mentors and teachers.

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