Introduction to Yoga Series: 6 weeks with Laura Fallon January 18th- February 22nd

The Intro to Yoga Series is a great way to initiate your yoga practice, or return to yoga after an injury, or an extended period of time away from your mat. Whatever your point of entry, this series is designed to fully support your needs. Committing to this multi-week series sets the stage to learn poses from the ground up, ask questions as they arise and learn dynamically as a group. Basic yoga poses will be explored to find your fullest range of movement along with straightforward breath and mediation practices. After completion of the series, you will be prepared for the other classes offered by TYE and connect fully to your life off the mat.

Dates: Thursdays: January 18th- February 22nd

Time: 8:00- 9:00am

Cost: $75

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