Yoga Basics: 4 week series with Laura Fallon, March 1st-March 22nd

This 4 week series will pick up where the Intro to Yoga series leaves off continuing to build the tools needed to deepen your practice of yoga. This format is a safe space to ask questions and get really specific about what is important to you with regard to yoga poses that are presented. A great next step for those who have done the Intro to Yoga Series, recently or a while ago, as well as a place for people of all levels who are looking for specificity, the ability to apply yoga concepts to more and more complex poses, and/or move more skillfully on and off the mat.

-Increase your pose vocabulary and alignment specifics for more complex poses.
-Further your knowledge of the progression of poses and how they relate to YOU.
-Gain confidence and clarity.

Dates: Thursdays, March 1st-March 22nd

Time: 8:00- 9:00am

Cost: $50, *10% off if currently enrolled in one of our intro series!


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